Thinking About Thinking: A Prescription for Healthcare Improvement by Yang Chen English | 2024 | ISBN: 0367340887 | 257 pages | True PDF | 7.32 MB Why do some clinicians make better decisions than others? Do all clinicians become better decision-makers over time? Is decision-making in healthcare an independent and trainable skill? This book is about the practice of medicine and the decision-making of the people we entrust with our care. While treatments, technologies and professional roles have evolved over the years, the essential act of decision-making has remained constant. Through personal experience, research and feedback from colleagues across healthcare, the authors examine how metacognition – or thinking about thinking – can provide a toolkit with which to improve the decision-making of all healthcare professionals. The rise of digital tools and AI-based clinical support systems makes this a critical time to grasp how human decision-makers operate and how to best harness the increasing volume of healthcare data available. This is a thought-provoking read for professionals and curious minds alike, packed with ideas and practical advice about how to improve decision-making in healthcare and deliver better outcomes for patients.
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Thinking About Thinking: A Prescription
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  • Published June 08, 2024
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